We are Level 1 BBBEE,100% black women owned company. We unravel the complexities of BBBEE.

About us

We focus on the  five pillars of BBBEE and our objective is for you to get the best return on investment at the lowest cost. We have  more than 4 years’ experience in BBBEE strategy and more than 10 years experience in Human Resources, Training and Diversity Management strategy.

We strive to make a positive impact in your business and contribute to strengthening the economy!


To be the preferred trusted partner in transformation and diversity.


To make a positive impact in your business and the broader community.

Core Values

Accountability, Quality, Transformation, Diversity, Honesty, Leadership and Creativity.


We design a strategy model aligned to your business model that gives you the brand edge above your competitors.

Project Management

We manage the projects within the BBBEE scope for you to make sure it runs on time, in budget.


We offer specific on the job and off the job training specifically suited to your requirements.

Process and Administration

We prepare key employees for the BBBEE compliance and administration process.

Why Cinga Solutions?

Cinga Solutions makes B-BBEE and transformation processes simple and cost effective. We provide a profitable and sustainable strategy.

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BBBEE Strategy

BBBEE Strategy - 5 pillars

Work Skills Plan

We design a work skills plan aligned to the BBBEE, transformation and diversity and human capital strategy.

Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion

We design a transformation strategy, this includes the Employment Equity numerical goals and targets. We set up and facilitate committees.

Socio-Economic Development

We research and compile a strategy that is aligned to your vision, mission and core values – giving you the highest return on investment that reaches out to the larger community, making a positive impact and difference.

Process and Administration

We assist key employees with the administration for the BBBEE compliance audit.

Cinga Solutions BBBEE strategy

Project Management

We manage all BBBEE related projects for you including the BBBEE audit process to ensure all projects run on time and in budget.


We align the corporate social investment / community projects with your business strategy and that will provide high return on investment, credibility.

Cinga Solutions BBBEE strategy

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